Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

Developing sustainably means developing with maximum respect for the two major challenges of our era: pressure on the planet, and tension between its citizens. Club Mediterranean is playing its part by striving to manage in the best possible way the impact of its activity on these two vital areas.

Our commitment from the outset, renewed daily

Club Med's history, from its origins in 1950, has enabled it to forge a powerful conviction: the happiness it strives to bring to GMs must be shared; happiness cannot exist if it is to the detriment of others or of nature. Its development in countries with very different socio-economic, cultural and environmental realities has always been driven by a spirit of respect and responsibility. More than ever today, this spirit is an absolutely essential value.

Contribute to local development

The vocation of Club Med Resorts being to promote the well-being of all concerned, they could never have flourished on such a harmonious and longstanding basis in countries with such diverse cultures if they had not been established in a spirit of profound respect and responsibility towards the host countries.

Protect the environment

Because reducing its ecological footprint is a major concern of the Club, it has continued and further intensified its initiatives in favour of the environment since the Life Cycle Analysis conducted in 2006.

Local purchasing

In selecting its suppliers and products, the Club favours a policy that respects GMs, the local economy of the host country and the principles of sustainable development.

Human resources: diversity is our strength

As a talent scout and promoter ""sans frontières"", Club Méditerranée has always sought to reduce the socio-cultural barriers that prevent talent from expressing itself. Multiculturality is consequently another of its founding values.

Develp a relationship of trust with GMs

Club Méditerranée has always prided itself on developing a very ""special relationship"" with its ""Gentil Membre"" customers. Over and above the purely commercial context, this means a long lasting relationship based on trust.




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